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Lithuanian Media Propose Killing Dissenters

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One of the largest Lithuanian media outlets published instructions on “neutralizing collaborationists” in the country. Members of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union proposed their method to suppress the “fifth column” inside the country if military actions start: dissenters should be kept in fear, break their windows, burn their houses, threaten their relatives and family members etc., right up to physical elimination. Considering the earlier statements made by Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite that Russia has already attacked Lithuania and the war has already started, this instruction means that Lithuanian dissenters should expect repressions and attacks from the local “patriots” even today.

“We probably should differentiate the two main goals. The first is to scare the collaborationist, make him stop his hostile actions. The second is to completely destroy,” as discussed by the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union training center instructor retired major Albertas Daugirdas and the Union’s sniper Šarūnas Jasikevičius. This conversation was published in Lithuania’s second largest media site - 15min.lt.

The first method of fighting the “fifth column” outlined in the instruction is psychological pressure. “The easiest way is to throw a letter in their mailbox. Addressed to a specific person with specific demands. You need to set up a deadline for him to stop his sabotaging actions. Write which sanctions will be used. You can warn them multiple times. After the first warning – execute some of the actions that were described in the first warning” explains the recommendation for Lithuanian “patriots”.

If the letter with threats don’t help, then they begin full-on harassment. And they have to keep escalating: “If that (the threat letters – RuBaltic.Ru) proved ineffective, then you can resort to other measures – arson, breaking windows and destroying property.” A very effective method, according to the Riflemen's Union, are degrading writings. “On the collaborationist’s property, on his car, house. Ridiculing and degrading writings. Most often they try to hide these threats, so it is wise to “issue them” publicly. For example, along with a brick through his workplace’s window. Then more collaborationists will know of it. They will also be scared. Aside from that, after the threat is executed it will be a signal for the other collaborationists,” recommend Albertas Daugirdas and Šarūnas Jasikevičius.

And if public harassment with destruction of property doesn’t “neutralize the collaborationist”, then the “heavy artillery” comes in – harassing the dissenter’s relatives.

“They may say it is amoral, but it is effective,” contemplate the Riflemen's Union activists on 15min.lt. “A frightened wife will have more effect then 10 letter with threats. A normal talk with the wife to explain that if her husband doesn’t stop his actions, then she and their children will be hurt. You can give a note to the child, so he would pass it on. Frequently collaborationists try to hide their relatives, just like the fighters. It is highly effective to send a collaborationist a photograph of his relatives. Best done with fighters alongside them. This will be a serious signal to them that their family is not safe. You can gain information on where he hid his family and find them. After the first polite warnings if he doesn’t see reason, he can be beaten,” discuss Daugirdas and Jasikevičius

All of these measure are viewed by them as “light forms of moral influence”. These light forms of moral influence also include physically assaulting a “collaborationist’s” wife: “Another effective method is to tie her to a lamp-post with a sign on her neck. It is more effective if she is stripped. Or throw her out naked from a car in a public spot. Also with a sign on her neck. Without a doubt, you must not forget to spread photos of this in the social media. This is especially damaging morally.”

The ultimate method of influence on a “collaborationist” is his physical elimination.

The spoken instruction that was published on 15min.lt describes the methods of guerilla action in the event of Lithuania’s military occupation. However, the authors of the “collaborationist neutralization” method list inexplicably propose fighting them with the help of the government (the occupational one?)

“If the threats have no effect, then you must turn to more severe arguments – physical punishments – imprisonment. You need to show them that more damaging measures will be taken,” continue the Riflemen, noting that they should initiate “purges, searches and arrests” against the unloyal population. How the Lithuanian “patriots” plant to initiate searches and arrests is unknown. It is assumed that they won’t be the collaborationists, but fighting them?

The answer is obvious.

The instruction that was published on one of Lithuania’s biggest media portals is proposing methods on fighting current “internal enemies” – dissenters who disagree with the political course of the current Lithuanian leadership.

The callback to war times shouldn’t fool anyone – during the last two and a half years the Lithuanian government has convinced a considerable amount of the population that they are living in a state of war. It is about time for another hysterical declaration by Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė on how Russia has already attacked Lithuania and the war is already (!) on. To the experts loyal to the current Lithuanian regime this is just loud political rhetoric aimed at the domestic audience. But to the “domestic audience”, the nationalistic and conservative Lithuanian electorate, Dalia’s words are an official course and call to act.

If war against Lithuania is already on, then the “internal enemy”, “occupant accomplices” and “fifth column” are not just empty propaganda clichés, but a real threat.

In addition, the instruction on combatting them, that was published by the Riflemen’s Union on one of Lithuania’s biggest media portals – is a real call to action.

Lithuanian Riflemen's Union is a militarized part of Lithuanian armed forces, which is aimed at teaching the civilian population skills of guerilla warfare. Formally, it is a public organization of volunteers, which consists of the most vigilant “patriots” who are preparing to fight off military aggression. However the riflemen are financed from the Lithuaian budget and are de facto a state-affiliated pro-government entity

The same can be said of the 15min.lt portal which published the “collaborationist neutralization” discussion. It is one of the main pro-government media outlets in Lithuania, despite its formal independence. Along with the Riflemen’s Union, 15min.lt got dragged into a scandal just as big: the site’s writers Dovydas Pancerovas proudly confirmed the numerous rumors that he works for the Lithuanian secret services.

It is worth noting that Pancerovas became famous for harassing independent media who he accused of “anti-government and propagandist activity”, attacks on Lithuanian scientists for going to events in Russia (which he considers almost treason), calls to take away opposition journalist Anatoly Shariy’s refugee status and hand him over to the Ukrainian authorities as a present. Now he also confirms that the State Security Department was behind all of his actions on 15min.lt.

The most aggressive politicians, including the country’s top leadership, secret services and other law enforcement, pro-government paramilitary civilian organizations and state-aligned media in Lithuania make up an infrastructure for mass repressions, pogroms and other campaigns in order to terrify the dissenters. With the current hysteria levels in the Lithuanian society, which the state had built up in recent years, this infrastructure could start work at any moment.

This isn’t happening in Nazi Germany on the eve of Kristallnacht. And not in Syria or Iraq, which is controlled by the “Islamic State” bandit group (banned in Russia). This is happening in 2016 in a European Union country. It is happening with complete ignorance from the Western allies. As long as the situation doesn’t actually go into a Lithuanian Kristallnacht, all of the warnings of the current socio-political relations in Lithuania will be exclusively written off as “Russian propaganda”

Translated by Pavel Shamshiev

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