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Giulietto Chiesa: The Americans Decided to Destroy Russia

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On 20 April in Kaliningrad, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and RuBaltic.Ru hosted a discussion club, which included the famous Italian writer, publicist and political figure Giulietto Chiesa. The interview covers Russia‘s role in the modern world and the reasons between the Russia-West conflict:

— Mister Chiesa, you are a citizen of Italy, the cradle of European civilization and a founding member of the European Union. You are probably noticing that Europe is not what it used to be. The pillars of European civilization: rationalism, logic, scientific thinking – are corroding, which is directly seen in relations with Russia. How would you explain the crisis in Europe?

—I would explain it as Europe becoming a colony of the United States of America a while back. Not instantaneously in one fell swoop, but slowly. the Americans have replaced all of our values and the myth of the “American Dream” was spread through the media, through Hollywood and is now prevalent in Europe.

On 20 April in Kaliningrad, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and RuBaltic.Ru hosted a discussion club, which included the famous Italian writer, publicist and political figure Giulietto Chiesa / Фото: RuBaltic.Ru © Athma PhotographyOn 20 April in Kaliningrad, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and RuBaltic.Ru hosted a discussion club, which included the famous Italian writer, publicist and political figure Giulietto Chiesa / Photo: RuBaltic.Ru © Athma Photography

In a sense, Europe was Hollywoodifed. This is not accidental, because we were indeed occupied. Very softly, through American aid, through the Marshall Plan which helped Germany and Italy overcome the consequences of the war. And, of course, through the power of propaganda we were told that the Americans liberated Europe from the Nazis.

If you ask the people on the streets of Italy, France or Spain on who won World War II, most will say America.

Russia‘s role is either forgotten or there are people saying that Russian fought against European civilization in World War II.

That is why Europe is in a state of crisis. All of the West is in a state of crisis, which mean the American values are losing their charm. It is still a while until this happens. The Americans have been investing a lot into education systems and just influencing people, so this will continue to work for a long time.

But the crisis of rationality is obvious not just in the European “colonies”, but also the American “center”. One only needs to look at Donald Trump and his tweets, the hysteria around the “Russian hackers” and “Russian meddling” into the elections. A few years ago, this would have been impossible to imagine. They poisoned themselves with the same propaganda they fed to Europe.

— You should remember that this mass hysteria was there before Trump. Trump was here the catalyst for it, but he is a continuation and not the origin.

This started when the ruling elite of tyhe United States realized that they wouldn‘t be able to keep their domination in Europe and the whole world.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama (and according to their plan, this would have been followed up by Hillary Clinton) conducted a policy of weakening, limiting and encroaching on Russia, as the only country inm the world capable of resisting American domination in the military and strategic sense.

Russia turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for the americans, because in 2000, they already considered themseleves to be the kings of the world who no one could resist. Yes, China was already becoming their economic competitot, but in the military sense, it could not resist them, and they considered Russia out of the game. This explains the panic and the intense preparations for the clash.

They realized that Russia reappeared in the 21st century.

By 2000, Russia was practically colonized by the Americans. But then a new man appeared – Vladimir Putin. When he was fierest elected as president, he was considered as someone continuing the previous Yeltsin line, where Russia depended on America and influenced nothing at all. But then the Americans saw that Russia was capable of returning as a superpower.

Photo: RuBaltic.Ru © Athma PhotographyPhoto: RuBaltic.Ru © Athma Photography

This was another unplesant surprise for them, so they decided to remove Putin... and Russia. This was in 2002, when George W. Bush decided to leave the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT). There was a clear goal: to destroy Russia!

— Through military means?

— No. Right now they can’t be sure that a military strike on Russia would be final and without retaliation. They left the ABMT in order to plan a military attack on Russia, but Russia showed that it could respond. The US failed to create the conditions where it could blackmail Russia with a military strike and say “either you follow our terms or we strike”

So the American’s main method is a hybrid war against Russia.

They surpass Russia in all fields. The only field where they don’t have an overwhelming advantage is the strategic nuclear rivalry. However, they can fight the information war: 99% of the internet belongs to the United States. Their domination in the economic field is absolute. They dominate in cutting edge technology: lasers, genome technology. Only in nuclear science, they are not as sure to that a nuclear strike against Russia without retaliation, that is why they don’t use it. Everything else is fair game.

That is why we are in this phase where the hybrid was is in full swing, with the Americans building a global anti-missile defense system, which upon completion, as they assume, will spread out to the nuclear field and they can go to the real war. I can‘t reliably say how much time there is enough until the real war starts, but I can quote my American colleague Paul Craig Roberts.

According to him, the Pentagon needs at least 5-6 years to prepare for war.

— How can the Americans be sure of a nuclear advantage against Russia, if Vladimir Putin, in his recent address to the Federal Assembly, clearly said that Russia’s newest nuclear weapons make a global anti-missile system useless?

— The aforementioned Paul Craig Roberts said that the main threat to the world is not that America would be sure, but that America believes that they are sure. If they believe in their overwhelming advantage, even if they don’t really possess it, and the situation in the world becomes intolerable for them, then they can snap and try to strike at Russia.

— But then Russia would retaliate and that would strike at the American missile systems in Europe. Any sane person realizes that Europe is nothing more than a target here. Why is there no anti-war movement in Europe or campaigns to have Europe remove US weapon systems?

— A very good question, because everything you mention is something that happened in Europe in 2002.

During the past sixteen years, the mass consciousness was so thoroughly twisted by the Americans, that Europe’s public opinion is no longer capable of understanding obvious things.

The European consciousness is formatted to American global domination. And America is preparing Europe to be their ally in the possible future war with Russia.

Europe still has independent thinkers, free people who speak out against the happening. But in the grand order, America has succeeded. The people have be reformatted, the softly countries colonized and the elites are influenced by pure blackmail. That’s the answer I can give you on why Europe is in a state of crisis.

…to be continued in part 2 of the interview.

Translation by Pavel Shamshiev

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