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Liar, Fringe Politician, Idiot: America’s Most Loyal Allies on Donald Trump

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Baltic and Ukrainian politicians are hastily deleting their old posts in social networks and taking back what they said on Donald Trump being a clown and a fringe politician, who could never become president. The honestly didn’t believe that Trump could win, so they mocked the candidate, who was viewed as an outsider by almost everyone. So a special one for USA President-elect Donald Trump, RuBaltic.Ru made a list of people who call themselves the most loyal and trusted allies of America, who mocked and insulted him during the election campaign.

Of course, Ukraine is at the top of the list. Where else can you find that free range of Russian speech, which knows no censorship or political correctness, where a Russian word is bustling with life, where else but the so-called “not-Russia”? And those precision strike words didn’t avoid Donald Trump.

“The shameless words of the US presidential candidate Trump on the possibility of recognizing Crimea as Russian are the diagnosis of the dangerous fringe politician. He is a danger to Ukraine, as well as the United States themselves. A fringe politician, who panders to Putin can not be a guarantee of democratic freedoms in the USA and the world,” wrote Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page in July of this year. A few hours after the “shameless and dangerous fringe politician” Trump became the President-elect, Avakov deleted his Summer post. But the Google cache remembers everything.

Arsen AvakovArsen Avakov

“Trump has shown himself to be a complete idiot who says whatever in order to test the crowd’s mood,” said Vadim Denisenko, a Ukrainian parliamentary from Petro Poroshenko’s bloc. His fraction colleague Vladimir Aryev called the USA President-elect a rabble-rouser and populist.

There is a clear pattern: the more pro-American and anti-Russian the Ukrainian politician, the more fervent were their verbal outbursts at Donald Trump.

“The attempts to review the course of America are dangerous. I am mostly talking about the statements made by Republican Party candidate Trump,” said the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Olexandr Turchynov when commenting the newly elected US president’s foreign policy program.

“The official presidential candidate in the United States is challenging the values of the free world, civilized order and international law. You can’t call this ignorance. This is overstepping ethical and civilizational principles,” said former Prime Minister and leader of the People’s Front party Aresniy Yatsenyuk on Trump.

Aresniy YatsenyukAresniy Yatsenyuk

The latter is not just a pro-American politician, but a straight-up child of the American secret services, grown by the Washington incubator for Eastern European leaders, nurtured by American grants, apprenticeship, student exchanges and advanced courses. How will he look the State Department in the eyes and beg for “cookies” when the new president assumes office?

And competing with the Ukrainians in the “Who can throw shit at Trump better” contest were their colleagues in “repulsing Russia”, the Baltic politicians.

“Trump openly lied and couldn’t source his own words… Trump is proud of not reading books, he doesn’t need to learn and knows everything,” the one calling the USA national leader a liar and an uneducated oaf was the Chief of Latvian Seimas Foreign Affairs Commission Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš.

Ojārs Ēriks KalniņšOjārs Ēriks Kalniņš

Trump’s statement that he will think about whether they should help the Baltic countries in an event of Russian military aggression was a “cold shower, but not the healthy kind,” according to Lithuanian Seimas member from the “Landsbergist” party Rasa Juknevičienė.

“His election would be bad news for Lithuania and all other European Union countries,” said the dean of the Political Science and Diplomacy Institute of the Vytautas Magnus University Šarūnas Liekis.

“One option is such that he doesn’t understand anything in foreign policy and just says whatever is on his mind at the moment, as long as the phrase works as part of his populism,” said former Latvian Defense Minister, currently MEP Artis Pabriks (incidentally, a big expert on flapping his tongue on foreign policy issues).

Hilary Clinton and Estonia share a personal relationship. “Hilary came here numerous times, as well as her husband. She loves our country, so she is one of us. And Trump… I don’t know. And he doesn’t fit into the Estonian mentality, because he is big, he is everywhere. He could say one thing today and a different thing tomorrow. He is a loose cannon, and you don’t know which side he will fire at,” was said by the Estonian Riigikogu member of the ruling Estonian Reform Party Igor Gräzin.

“Trump is like a freshly picked meadow flower,” said the former Latvian president Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga on the Republican candidate, “He only thinks of his own popularity and fancies himself as some protector of the people.”

‘If Trump becomes president of the USA, then he will gift the Baltics, Ukraine and Syria to his friend Putin,” this was prophesized by Latvia’s former Minister of Finance Uldis Osis last year, expressing hope that Americans won’t “go mad” and elect Trump as president. Now it turns out that either the Americans have gone mad, or the Latvian politician has offended not just Trump, but all of the American residents.

Now, when the “shameless and dangerous fringe politician”, “liar” and “complete idiot” Donald Trump is elected President of the United States of America, the servants from the “buffer zone” are in a hurry to delete their old social network posts and kiss the ring of their new Master.

Dalia GrybauskaitėDalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė congratulated Donald Trump on his presidential elections and expressed hope for retaining good relations between Lithuania and the United States. “Strong transatlantic connections between USA and Europe are the best answer to geopolitical threats,” said the President of Lithuania. The same sentiment was echoed in Latvia. “The Latvian government is ready to work with the US administration in order to strengthen transatlantic connections for European security,” said the Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis.

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in his official congratulations to Donald Trump, decided to remind his Patron, that Ukraine is expecting American support in their struggle for “freedom and independence, the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Sort of publically pulling Trump’s sleeve to show his devoted, pleading and trusting eyes.

These current events with the American satellites are painfully similar to a two hundred year old French anecdote. 1815, the “Hundred Days” of Napoleon, the headlines of Paris newspapers. “The Corsican Ogre has Landed at Cape Juan.” “The Anthropophagus Marches on Grasse.” “The Usurper Has Entered Grenoble.” “Bonaparte has Taken Lyon.” “The Emperor is at Fontainebleau.” “His Imperial and Royal Majesty arrived yesterday evening at the Tuileries, amid the joyful acclamation of his devoted and faithful subjects”

The abilities of the Ukrainian, Baltic and other turncoat communist to “change their colors” on the go with cosmic speeds is well known by now. But we have all of it on record. You can’t take back what you say once you’ve said it.

Russia tirelessly wrote down all of the insults and venom spat at the US President-elect from the most loyal and devoted of America’s allies, gathered them in one place and filed them.

At the nearest meeting of Russian president Vladimir Putin with USA president Donald Trump (the latter said on numerous occasions that he would have this meeting as soon as possible) the Russian side will give him this file as a gesture of friendly intentions, in order for a constructive dialogue, strategic partnership and political union with the United States.

Then all of the people in the file will get Trumped!

Translated by Pavel Shamshiev

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