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Janusz Korwin-Mikke: I Don’t Want Poland to be a Client State

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Delivering a speech in Ukrainian parliament, Polish President Bronisław Komorowski promised to extend a hand of friendship to Ukrainians and called for forgetting old grudges. Soon afterwards, the parliament adopted a law glorifying the fighters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), known for its cruel treatment of Polish population in WWII times. RuBaltic.Ru discussed this and the Polish-Ukrainian relations with a Polish politician and a MEP Janusz KORWIN-MIKKE:

- Mr. Kowin-Mikke, Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament has officially marked the memory of UPA, while Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine said that Ukrainian secret services must look up to UPA. How do you view these steps?

- They have elusive memory, that is why they are forced to search for their heroes. But it is very dangerous. You know, the problem is that this gesture was first made by Yuriy Shukhevych, the son of Roman Shukhevych, who was a famous UPA commander and just a terrorist. Trust me, Poles become more and more disappointed with Ukrainians’ actions and get disillusioned with them, because Poland still tries to be friends with the Ukrainian government and acts against the desires of the majority of the Polish people.

And it happens under the orders from Washington and occasionally from Berlin.

- The Russian Council of the Federation, the upper house of the parliament offered the Polish Senate to issue a joint statement condemning the legacy of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and UPA. The Polish side declined to do so.

- Well, of course. As I noted earlier, we act under orders from Washington, and you must understand that Ukraine is a client state of Berlin. And now Americans use Ukraine to instigate a Third World War – certain circles in USA want this because they have a huge advantage at the present moment. US armies are much stronger than other countries of the world. But they know that China is rising very quickly, it has colossal financial resources. Americans have $ 17 trillion of debt, and soon they will lose the advantage, that is why they want to fight now. They have supremacy, they can’t wait a couple of years more. Have you ever read Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville? One of its chapters ends with the words that the US and Russia are two world powers that one day will be fighting for world hegemony.

US neoconservatives think that the time has come. They wish to resolve the question of world hegemony by destroying Russia and, possibly, China before China becomes stronger that the US.

- The Polish Gazeta Wyborcza wrote that the Polish President Komorowski has extended a hand to Ukraine and got a slap on the cheek. Do you agree with that?

- I do. And, as consequence, in the second round of the presidential elections I will face off the Law and Justice (PiS) candidate, not the incumbent president. I am sure, he will lose votes very quickly. There are no protests against the decisions of the Ukrainian MPs in Poland, because the government is controlled form outside, contrary to the Polish interests.

- Komorowski also said that Ukrainians are defenders of Europe against the resurgence of imperial thinking.

- It is like he was speaking to a rally or something. I assume, even Doctor Goebbels would be ashamed that he isn’t good enough in comparison with the Polish government. They are lying, and it is obvious. The United States seek war. Beloruss doesn’t support them, Slovakia doesn’t support them, neither do Hungary and Germany. Poland is the only open window on the Ukrainian border.
I would like Poland to declare neutrality and not to let US troops to get close to the Ukrainian borders. I want Poland to be neutral, I don’t have goals of supporting Russia and Ukraine. NATO has to act only if one of the members of the Alliance gets attacked. Even formally, there is no possibility to involve NATO in the current situation.

- Then why does NATO pay so much attention to Ukraine?

- It is clear that any states can support each other. Americans think that they can fight Russia till the last Ukrainian. It doesn’t cost them anything, except money. Previously NATO fought Serbia and Gaddafi, now it fights Bashar Assad, because they were allies of Russia. The Alliance now wants to grab Ukraine, and soon it will be Russia’s turn. You have something to fear about.

- Why should Poland be neutral?

- Because I don’t want to support the United States. I don’t want Third World War. If we will support the US and their neoconservatives, that will win the next elections, the chance of sliding into war is very large.

- Polish defense minister told that he would be happy if NATO troops would be permanently stationed in Poland. What do you think about his initiative?

- There is nothing bad in having allied forces on your own territory, nevertheless, I don’t feel the danger from anyone, especially from Russia. Ukraine is too weak to attack Poland. We have to qualms with Belarus. So I see no need in defending our land with the help of foreign military. Though there is nothing terrible about it. For now we are an instrument of Washington, we are following its wishes. I don’t want Poland to be a client state. I want the US to be our ally but don’t wish Poland to be its blind servant. Hungary and Slovakia are far smaller in size but they have more independence.

Poles mustn’t do everything the Americans tell them.

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